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Elevate Your Cleaning Game: Unleash the Potential of a Central Vacuum System for a HEALTHIER Home! We customize our installation systems for our Utah elevation. ( really DOES matter)

Chameleon Retractable System

The retractable Chameleon system revolutionizes central vacuum convenience by incorporating a retractable hose that is hidden within the walls of your home. With this innovative solution, there‘s no need to carry or store a traditional vacuum hose.

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Why a Central Vacuum?

Convenience and Ease of Use

Our Chameleon systems offer unparalleled convenience with retractable hoses. Lightweight hoses and attachments connect effortlessly to strategically placed wall inlets, eliminating the need for storing and handling bulky equipment. This streamlined setup makes cleaning tasks easier and more efficient, even in hard-to-reach areas.

Superior Cleaning Power and Efficiency

Central vacuum systems boast stronger motors and larger dirt capacities compared to traditional vacuums, ensuring consistent suction power for thorough cleaning. They maintain suction levels regardless of dirt accumulation, resulting in more effective cleaning without interruptions.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Unlike traditional vacuum cleaners that recirculate dust and allergens back into the air, central vacuum systems remove dirt, dust, and debris from your living space and exhaust them outside your home or into a dedicated containment unit, typically located in the garage or basement.

About Us

Welcome to "The VAC Guy," where excellence in central vacuum installations has been our commitment since our inception in 1988, right here in the heart of Ogden, Utah. With a track record of over 8,000 successful local installations, we've become the go-to name in the community for top-notch vacuum services. At "The VAC Guy," we pride ourselves on being more than just a service provider; we're your trusted partner in creating an exceptional vacuum experience. Our unwavering commitment to delivering on promises, coupled with meticulous workmanship, reflects our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. As a company of integrity and reliability, we've shaped "The VAC Guy" into a cornerstone of the industry, symbolizing trust and expertise in the world of vacuum systems. Choose us for an unparalleled experience in the art and craft of central vacuum installations.

Why we do it?

We want to ensure every space becomes a haven of cleanliness and comfort.


Our drive stems from a genuine passion for creating homes that are not only clean but also invigorating.


We're dedicated to promoting home wellness through advanced central vacuum systems that contribute to a healthier living environment..


Our commitment is fueled by the satisfaction of tending to every detail, ensuring an unmatched level of cleanliness in your home.


We're motivated to enhance your daily life by simplifying cleaning routines and fostering a healthier home atmosphere with our central vacuum solutions.

8k+ Installs

and counting...

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What Our Customers Are Saying

    • Ashley testimonial image

      "We had a small job that needed to be done. Other contractors blew us off or never called back. The Vac Guy came when he said he would to do a bid and sent someone the next day to do the job exactly when they said they were coming. Fast, good, communication, and professional. These guys are the best kind of people to deal with. I will call them again when we need anything central vac related."

    • B Bare testimonial image
      B Bare

      "So great! They did a new install for me via homebuilder. Put in a great system, nice work on the install, etc. Had a minor issue with the vacuum a year later. Called the number on the sticker hoping to drop by their store for a replacement part. Instead, they scheduled the swap out, took care of the warranty, and even delivered. Legit!"

    • Maria J testimonial image
      Maria J

      "We Love the VAC guy at our house! Every time he came during the building process his personality took over and my kids wanted to stay longer! The ask when The VAC guy was coming back again. He knows what he's talking about, he knows how to solve problems he knows what to fix and we love our in the wall vacuum system. I had one concern when we moved in he was right back there and helped me fix the problem. If we ever build a house again, the VAC guy will be our guy!"

    • Jeremy Franklin testimonial image
      Jeremy Franklin

      "Installed a central vac for our new build. Very reliable and was one of the gem contractors for our project that showed up to work when he said he did. He finished the job on time and on budget. Easy to work with and has been very responsive with maintenance help since moving in. Would highly recommend."

    • Garth Brooks testimonial image
      Garth Brooks

      "These guys were great( kevin and kevin), they met me at the shop (appointment only) and helped me get the few parts i needed to install my new unit. They seem like they know what they are doing and were very layed back."

    • John W testimonial image
      John W

      "We are very pleased with the system they installed for us and they have been very fast to respond to any questions or concerns we have had. Great customer service and job well done. Thanks Vac Guy."


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